After Suzy’s incident, K-netizens choose 2 faces good at talking in Kpop

Being confident and good at talking, RM and IU are praised for their smart communication skills by K-netizens.

Not long ago, Suzy received criticism for being unprofessional at her recent showcase where her new solo single was revealed. Many K-netizens wonder why an experienced idol like Suzy still had difficulty in conveying a message verbally.
Immediately, some netizens find out the truth about Suzy’s interview which was edited and accuse the journalist for not being fair-play with the “nation’s first love”. Taking advantage of this incident, K-netizens conduct a survey to select idols who can communicate most smartly and fluently. Most of the comments mention RM (BTS) and the “nation’s little sister” IU.

After Suzy’s incident, K-netizens choose 2 faces good at talking in Kpop
IU’s confident speech when she received “Album of the year” award at Golden Disc Awards.
IU’s smart communication skill has been recognized by the public for a long time because she always has smooth and profound speeches that convey meaningful messages at award shows. Recently, this female idol has caught lots of attention when she showed up at Newsroom of JTBC. This is a newscast of a Korean Television Network and it only invites faces who have most influences and are qualified enough such as Song Joong Ki, Park Jin Young, Lee Hyori, PSY or international stars like Hugh Jackman and Matt Damon.

Despite the excitement of BTS’ members towards their winning, RM still finished

his thanks speech calmly.

The leader of BTS has been well-known as the spokesman of his group. RM can speak in both English and Korean fluently and smoothly. Even when he is too excited or he is in a serious atmosphere, RM can still finish his speech in a good way.

“Bangtan RM. He doesn’t just have a good head on his shoulders but I was watching his interviews recently and I was seriously so surprised at how good he was at talking. His talks have content but that aside, he has a good vocabulary and his sentences are well constructed. I seriously think that he’s good”
“For this topic, I think that IU and RM are the best. They aren’t only good at giving out interviews but they are the ones who give out their own award speeches during ceremonies in front of thousands of people”
“IU and RM are really good at arranging their thoughts once they hear the question and never stumble in their words”
“IU and RM are good at talking not only on variety but even at award ceremonies and interviews, they just sound coherent… I think that IU and RM really focuses on speaking in a way that others don’t feel bad about themselves.”

Do you agree with K-netizens?

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