The appearance of Kim Rae Won, who was scouted thanks to his 180cm height, after 27 years

Here’s the current whereabouts of K-drama heartthrob Kim Rae Won in his latest work. 

Following “One Dollar Lawyer” starring Namgoong Min, SBS’s follow-up drama in the Friday-Saturday time slot will be “The First Responders”, led by Kim Rae Won

“The First Responders”, which is set to premiere this November 12, drew attention by releasing the first still cuts of Kim Rae Won on October 25.


In “The First Responders”, detectives at a police station and firefighters at a fire station join hands to solve criminal cases together. It tells a story of the first responders that has not been told in other K-dramas and is expected to create a sensation in the drama industry in the second half of 2022. 

Kim rae won

In the released stills, Kim Rae Won is dressed in a police uniform, showing off his tall and manly physique. 

Kim Rae Won played basketball during his school days and when he was only a middle school student, his height already grew to 180cm.

After moving to Seoul, Kim Rae Won enjoyed standing in front of the camera after he appeared in a school uniform CF through the introduction of an acquaintance. He later applied for an audition for a youth drama and made his debut as a child actor through a 2000:1 competition.

Kim rae won

Kim Rae Won first became known as Ahn Jae Mo in the 1997 MBC youth drama “Me”. He later starred in SBS’s sitcom “Soonpoong Clinic” as Song Hye Kyo’s boyfriend and became more popular by appearing in many works regardless of the role.

After that, Kim Rae Won won the KBS Drama Awards Youth Acting Award and blew up even more after playing Lee Han in KBS 2TV’s “School 2.”

Kim rae won

In 2022, Kim Rae Won got his big break when he took on the role of the sub male lead in MBC’s “My Love Patzzi” with Jang Nara. The following years, he became a huge star and was even dubbed the “King of Rom-com” thanks to his lead roles in MBC’s “Rooftop Room Cat”, the movie “My Little Bride”, and SBS’s “Love Story in Harvard”.

Kim rae won
Kim rae won Song Hye kyo

In 2006, Kim Rae Won succeeded in transforming his image through the action movie “Sunflower”. He took on strong characters after serving in the military in 2009 and showed his climax in SBS’s “Punch” in 2015. Since then, he has broadened his acting spectrum to medical dramas such as “Doctors” in 2016. 

Kim rae won

Kim Rae Won’s performance as detective Jin Ho Gae in “The First Responders” with an arrest rate of 118% is expected to showcase the unlimited acting range of an actor with 25-year experience. 

Kim rae won

Sources: daum

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