“TMI NEWS SHOW” BEST 10 remakes: aespa’s “Next Level”, IU’s “The Meaning Of You” and more

The August 17th broadcast of “TMI NEWS SHOW” introduced “BEST 10 remakes that swallowed original songs”. On this day’s broadcast, THE BOYZ Younghoon, Juyeon and Sunwoo appeared as guest reporters.

aespa took first place in “BEST 10 remakes that swallowed original songs”. aespa has captivated music fans around the world since debut with their unrivaled music world. Reporters aroused curiosity by saying that aespa hit the jackpot with an inconceivable remake.

aespa’s “Next Level” is a remake of “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” OST “Next Level”. It imprinted aespa’s color with the lyrics containing their worldview. It boasted a high level of completion as even the original artist promoted it on SNS.

Actor Jo Jung-suk appeared in second place, drawing attention. The song he remade is Cool’s “Aloha”. This song, which was introduced as an OST for the drama “Hospital Playlist”, was as big a topic as the drama’s popularity.

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Third place is “The Meaning Of You” remade by IU and original artist Kim Chang-wan. IU surprised everyone by revealing that she remade this song because it was the favorite song of the person she had a crush on. Boy group Big Bang, which produced many hit songs, came in fourth. They remade Lee Moon-se’s “Red Sunset Glow” and created their own “Sunset Glow” that made from people in their teenage years to those in their 60s sing along.

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No.5 came from “Reply 1994”, which recorded the highest ratings in tvN’s history. Many remakes are incorporated in this work, but among them, Seo Taiji and Boys’ original song “To You” sung by Sung Si-kyung became “a remake that swallowed the original song”. A remake of Seo Taiji and Boys was released in Korea for the first time in 21 years, drawing attention.

Comedian Choi Jun appeared in 6th place. “Coffee With Me”, which automatically comes to mind when you see him, made many fans flutter. The live video of the song proved its popularity with 5.32 million views. This song is “boyfriend in your ears” Paul Kim’s debut song.

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No.7 was taken by Lee Seung-gi, who remade many senior singers’ songs. Among them, Lee So-ra’s original song “For God’s Sake”, which took first place shortly after its release, was selected. 8th place is “Juliette” remade by SHINee. The song was a reinterpretation of foreign singer Corbin Bleu’s song in SHINee’s own color. It was loved as it topped music charts within a day of its release.

9th place is the remake “Journey to Atlantis” by MSG Wannabe, an audition project group of an entertainment program. After MSG Wannabe remade the song, Laboum’s original song also gained popularity. Compared to 2016, when it was released, streaming increased by 534.1%.

Finally, NTC DREAM‘s “Dunk Shot” ranked 10th. It was surprising that the song was released even before they were born. The rap added to the original song sung by Lee Seung-hwan added energetic energy as well as MZ generation’s sensibility.

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