4 Korean actresses who nailed dual roles: Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim So Hyun, and more

Playing double roles in the same production is not easy but these 4 Korean actresses have successfully portrayed their characters. 

Completing a role is already difficult, but the following Korean actresses are even in charge of two roles with two completely opposite personalities in a single production. Thanks to their impressive acting, they delivered such convincing performances that it made the audience feel like they were watching two different people.

1. Kim So Hyun

When it comes to Korean actors who impressively nailed dual roles in Korean dramas, it would be a mistake not to mention Kim So Hyun. In “School 2015: Who Are You”, Kim So Hyun took on double roles, twin sisters Eun Bi and Eun Byul. Despite their identical appearance, the two characters have opposite personalities. One is fragile and easily becomes the victim of bullying, while the other is strong and feisty. With her pretty visuals and great acting skills, “School 2015” remains Kim So Hyun’s highest rated drama to this day.

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2. Lee Ji Ah

In “The Penthouse: War In Life”, Lee Ji Ah alone plays two roles: the elite Su Ryeon and her lookalike – Na Ae Kyo. When portraying Su Ryeon, Lee Ji Ah is calm and chic, soft on the outside but extremely strong on the inside. Meanwhile, when she gets into the character Na Ae Kyo, the viewers get to see a mysterious, rebellious and tough version of Lee Ji Ah. Lee Ji Ah did a good job playing both characters.

Lee Ji-ah
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3. Shin Hye Sun

In Mr. Queen, Shin Hye Sun is not really taking on two roles but the role of a person with two souls, one of which is also a male soul. She gives the audience extremely impressive performances as sometimes she is the gentle, noble So Yong, sometimes she is the cool ‘Mr. Queen’

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When being a cool Mr.queen
Korean actresses
When being gentle, noble So Yong

4. Jeon Ji Hyun

In the movie Assassination, Jeon Ji Hyun plays two roles with completely opposite personalities.  Sometimes she plays the role of Ahn Ok Yoon – a cold-blooded killer sniper, other times she plays her twin sister, Mitsuko.  With this performance, Jeon Ji Hyun received a lot of praise for her acting skills. 

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