BTS Jin suddenly joined a large company and made an employee ID, is HYBE shaking?

The love between BTS and their fandom ARMY never changes no matter the time and place.

On August 6th, BTS Jin posted a photo of his “employee ID card” along with a selfie on his personal SNS with the caption: “I joined a large company”.

In the photo, BTS Jin is smiling brightly while holding an A4 sign that reads “I love you, ARMY” (ARMY is the name of BTS’ fandom). Jin is also holding character dolls from his favorite game “MapleStory”, creating a happy atmosphere.

bts jin

Previously, BTS Jin drew attention by uploading a photo of him attending the orchestra performance “Symphony of MapleStory”, held by the game’s company. The male idol also consistently showed his affection for the game in the part, so fans are now calling him “a successful fan”.

Under Jin’s photo, BTS Suga praised his teammate’s brilliant brain, saying: “As expected, the four-year system in Seoul is different.”

In fact, BTS’ Jin graduated from Konkuk University’s Department of Visual and Film in 2017. Notably, this department of Konkuk University had the highest competition rate among the departments of theater and film at universities across the country

bts jin

Therefore, BTS Suga often makes fans laugh by mentioning this whenever Jin shows off his smart side, making various comments like “The 4-year system sure is different,” “Seoul is different,” and “University students are different”.

Meanwhile, BTS Jin recently released the collaboration song “Bad Decisions” alongside his members Jimin, V, and Jungkook, and American pop singers Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg. The song has since topped the iTunes Top Song chart in 74 countries and regions including the United States, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Italy, and more. 

Source: Nate

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