“Same person?”, Koo Jun Yup raged at rumors surrounding his wife Barbie Hsu

Koo Jun Yup once again expressed his anger over recent rumors related to his wife Barbie Hsu.

On December 3rd, Koo Jun Yup made an Instagram post mentioning the rumors about Barbie Hsu that spread through fake news in China.

koo jun yeop

He posted photos of a woman who claimed that the person in the fake news was Barbie Hsu and angrily said, “How can people keep insisting that these two people are the same person?”.

Koo Jun Yup then added the hashtags #stopfakenews #liars #거짓말쟁이들 (liars).

In response to the post, comedian Park Joon Hyung commented, “Big brother, don’t worry too much. The truth will be revealed. I’m always rooting for you”.

koo jun yup instagram

Kang Won Rae’s wife Kim Song sympathized with Koo Jun Yup’s anger, saying “Oh my, there must be something wrong with their eyes”.

Meanwhile, Barbie Hsu filed a complaint with the court for compulsory execution, revealing that her ex-husband did not pay the living expenses agreed upon at the time they divorced in March. As a result, Barbie Hsu’s former mother-in-law raised rumors of Barbie Hsu’s family taking drugs, causing a stir. 

Source: Nate

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