The ongoing drama between former spouses Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei reveals new twists as Zhang Lan shares her side of the story 

Wang was supposedly the victim in Barbie’s scheme to drain his money, netizens are switching sides. 

The turbulent relationship between Barbie Hsu and ex-husband Wang Xiaofei has been one of the main concerns of Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese media, from their marriage to divorce. Despite a long period of staying together, more stories are beginning to reveal themselves with unbelievable plot twists. 

Wang Xiaofei-Barbie Hsu

On November 21st, Barbie Hsu filed a complaint against her ex-husband for not performing his financial duty to his two children. On the part of Wang Xiaofei, he continuously defamed his ex-wife and threatened to expose her hidden secrets. Barbie Hsu in response was transparent and said that she had never done anything bad to the Wang family or anything that went against the verdict. 

xiao wangfei barbie hsu zhang lan

Wang Xiaofei’s mother, Zhang Lan, an ‘iron lady’ of the business world, also spoke up on behalf of her son. The two-page reply from Zhang Lan talked of the manipulation and coercive measures from Barbie Hsu’s side to get the most out of the divorce, of her affairs with a Korean man and trickery to get more money from her ex-husband. She also did not give children proper care as she said she had. 

xiao wangfei barbie hsu zhang lan

The recorded messages between Zang and Barbie’s mother also revealed more untold stories: Barbie’s new husband DJ Koo living in Wang’s house, Barbie’s children sleeping with their nanny, Barbie doing drugs are some of the few shocking news that came to light. 

xiao wangfei barbie hsu zhang lan

The electric bill also became the topic of discussion where there was a spike in electricity use after DJ Koo moved into Barbie’s house (2340 USD to 8796 USD).  The bill later shot up to 13174 USD. 

Barbie’s younger sister was also caught in the controversy of infidelity and use of Wang’s money to support her lover. 

xiao wangfei barbie hsu

As more knots are untied, C-netizens are switching to Wang Xiaofei’s side. 

barbie xiao s wang xiao fei
Barbie, Xiao S and Wang Xiaofei 
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