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Loco – Gray expose Show Me The Money’s devil editing & manipulation… “It’s better to be edited out”

The rappers openly revealed that Mnet’s hip-hop entertainment program “Show Me The Money” was manipulated in various ways, whether it was “devil editing” or “angel editing”.

On Nov 15th, singers Loco (Kwon Hyuk Woo) and Gray (Lee Seong Hwa) appeared on YouTube channel “Mouth on Wheels 3” and specifically shared an anecdote that they suffered “devil editing” (manipulation editing that distorted facts) on “Show Me The Money” in the past. They then had a heated discussion over which one was better between “devil editing” and “being edited out”.

loco gray

First of all, Loco said, “Isn’t devil editing highly regarded in the industry? (But) it’ll be hard for you if you suffer (devil editing). These days, it seems that ‘being edited out’ is better.

He revealed, “I also got a lot of ‘angel editing’. When I was on ‘Show Me The Money’, the production team said they would film me writing lyrics. They filmed it and said on the broadcast, ‘He stays and practices even after the recording is over…’” Hearing this, Lee Yong Jin said, “This is manipulation. It’s a kind of editing with good intentions.

loco gray

Gray, who appeared as a producer on “Show Me The Money”, continued to reveal that he had suffered editing manipulation. Gray recalled, “I watched the initial screening of a rapper named G2. Before the screening, I told him, ‘Since it’s the initial screening, I’ll check your voice tone. You can make a little mistake. The second screening isn’t easy.’ G2’s mistake wasn’t that serious, but it was broadcast 3 times. We were edited that way.

show me the money 11

Meanwhile, despite many controversies over manipulation, Mnet is currently broadcasting “Show Me The Money 11”, and its ratings are in the 1% range until episode 3.

Source: Nate

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