“Even from a woman’s POV…” What Ahn Jung Hwan’s wife said after seeing IU up close in real life 

Lee Hye Won, wife of former national soccer player Ahn Jung Hwan and former Miss Korea, posted a review of IU in real life.

On November 17th, Lee Hye Won shared a new post on her Instagram with the caption, “My son’s only celebrity! She is my son’s favorite celebrity, so I went to the event. Even from a woman’s POV, she is pretty, kind, and cool! Her manners are cool.”

iu, lee hye won

Lee Hye Won was talking about IU. The photo shows IU attending a pop-up store commemorating the release of J. Estina’s ‘Holiday Collection’ held at Apgujeong Rodeo in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on November 16th. Lee Hye Won was spotted filming IU diligently from behind, making people laugh.

Lee Hye Won sent a message to her son, who is a fan of IU, saying, “An ugly mother who couldn’t say let’s take a picture. I’m sorry, Lee Hwan. Do you understand? I think a fan who supports and likes from afar is a true fan.”


Finally, she praised IU’s beauty by adding hashtags such as ‘#IU’, ‘#So pretty’, ‘#Fan’, and ‘#Mom is a fan too’.

Lee Hye Won, a businessman who competed in Miss Korea, married soccer player Ahn Jung Hwan in 2001. The two have one son and one daughter.

Source: Wikitree.

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