Jang Won Young refrained from eating while the rest of IVE enjoyed tteokbokki? 

IVE member Jang Won Young showed great patience when provided with various mid-night snacks. 

Girl group IVE recently went on a picnic alongside other artists under Starship Entertainment on the recently aired tvN program “The Game’s Caterers”.

ive wonyoung

In a new episode, each team in the show had to do a quiz to win late-night snacks. Here, IVE achieved a dramatic success in the “talking game”, and was provided with various food such as tteokbokki, snacks, coffee, and ice cream.

ive wonyoung

Afterwards, IVE returned to their room and sat down to have a luxurious late-night snack. After the members tasted the tteokbokki, they repeatedly exclaimed “um~” and “delicious”.

ive liz

However, Jang Won Young stood out by only praising the tteokbokki and saying it look delicious. There was no scene where she ate the tteokbokki, and the female idol also held no plate to eat from. 

jang won young the game carterers 2

Jang Won Young also sat far away from the snack table and only stared at the food. She was holding and drinking iced coffee in one hand, seemingly refraining herself from eating food late in the night. 

Source: wikitree

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