Red Velvet Joy was recently spotted enjoying a date with her boyfriend Crush

A photo of Joy and Crush’s date recently spread online, drawing fans’ excitement.

Fans are enjoying moments of stars who are dating publicly. In September, 8-year top star couple Kim Woo Bin & Shin Min Ah made headlines as they were spotted dating in Paris, France. The two walked arm in arm like a scene in a pictorial. 

Shin Min-ah Kim Woo-bin

Singers Hyuna and Dawn, who have been dating for 6 years, made fans jealous with their sweet date in France. The two, who have been together for a long time, enjoyed their moment walking around downtown and holding hands affectionately.

Hyuna and Dawn

Recently, a photo of a couple on a date believed to be singers Crush and Joy, a member of the girl group Red Velvet, spread on online communities.

The released photo shows the back of a man and a woman watching a music performance. They sat next to each other while enjoying the stage and spent a cozy time like any ordinary couple in their 20s.

The two also proved themselves as sweet lovers by wearing matching clothes.

crush joy dating

In fact, Joy and Crush were seen wearing couple items, such as Crayon Shin Chan pajamas and dark gray padded jumpers, many times. 

joy crush

Crush and Joy have been dating publicly since August last year. The two worked together for the first time for Crush’s single “Mayday” in 2020, and they are still developing their beautiful love after confirming their relationship. 

When meeting Joy for the first time in the recording studio for “Mayday”, Crush said, “My head went blank. I’m very nervous right now”. Joy responded with a bright smile and shyly said, “I’m a real fan of you. I was very excited”. 

Meanwhile, the recent photo capturing Joy’s cellphone lock screen certified her as an “affectionate lover”. 

red velvet joy crush wallpaper

In the Vlog video uploaded on Red Velvet’s official Youtube channel on November 10th, Joy visited Milan, Italy to attend the “TOD’S 2023 S/S SHOW”. While introducing her all-black outfit, the cell phone in Joy’s hand suddenly turned on and her lock screen was revealed.

The main character in Joy’s lock screen was none other than Crush’s pet dog Doyou.

In response to this moment, fans reacted, “The two’s romantic relationship seems to be developing beautifully”, “As expected, love and cough are things you can never hide”, “Doyou is so cute”, etc. 

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