Red Velvet Joy shows affection with her boyfriend, Crush, via her phone wallpaper?

Joy, a member of Red Velvet, recently attracted attention for showing her side of being in love.

On November 10th, a video titled “JOY in Milan VLOG | TOD’S 2023 S/S SHOW” was posted on the official YouTube channel of girl group Red Velvet.

Previously, Joy departed for Milan, Italy to attend the TOD’s fashion show, and her daily vlogs were recorded.

In a scene of the video, Joy revealed the screen of her cellphone for an instant, and viewers noticed that the wallpaper was a photo of Soymilk – a dog of her boyfriend, Crush

Seeing this, netizens expressed enthusiasm and left comments such as, “She’s a complete lover”, “That photo is so cute”, “They are really going to get married”, and “Did Joy take the photo herself?”

red velvet joy crush wallpaper

In August of 2021, Joy and Crush officially admitted that they were dating and started a public relationship.

The two grew close to each other after Joy featured in the song “Mayday” from Crush’s single album “homemade”. After they announced the relationship, Crush often expresses his affections by clicking “heart” on Joy’s Instagram posts. 

Source: nate

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