AOA’s former member Kwon Min-ah heralds her comeback, “I’m working at a skincare shop and also planning to do Youtube activities”

Former AOA member Kwon Min-ah will appear in public again after a long time.

On Jan 5th, Kwon Min-ah announced her appearance on a Youtube live broadcast via a post ôn her SNS, saying, “See you later, on Teacher Yooyeop’s channel at 8 P.M”. Kwon Min-ah then showed up on the Youtube channel of shaman Lee Yoo-yeop, who became closer to her via “점점TV”, and conducted a live broadcast together.

Kwon Min-ah’s recent situation raised netizens’ curiosity. She said, “I have recently started working at a skincare shop of an acquaintance. I’m also planning to do something on Youtube”, heralding enthusiastic activities.

Kwon Min-ah heralds her comeback

In particular, she said, “I moved to Huam-dong a month ago. Doesn’t my face look like it’s blossoming?”. In response, Lee Yoo-yeop asked, “Did you move to Huam-dong from Ilsan? It was to the west, such a divine move. The direction of your house moving was open. This is a direction where there is no harm”. Then, Lee Yoo-yeop added, “You have to take good care of yourself until spring and summer. It can be hard because lots of stressful, mentally annoying, and frustrating things might happen. From autumn and winter, warmth will come in and you will be able to live a new life that is full of love.”

Kwon Min-ah heralds her comeback

Especially, Lee Yoo-yeop emphasized, “Last year and the year before that, you had been so strong, so ‘manly’. Let’s be calmer, more ‘feminine’ this year. If the Lord throws a stone at you, avoid it and don’t get hit. Just pretend to be nice. You need to put on a fake cover”, adding, “You have spent 2 to 3 years suffering from hardships and wanted to end your life many times. However, overcoming the hard times, you will see a brighter life. Good things will happen in this new year.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Min-ah previously claimed that she was bullied by Shin Ji-min during AOA activities. After that, she has been embroiled in various controversies, such as smoking in a hotel room. 

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