Lovestagram with cake and couple rings, Han Yeseul and boyfriend Ryu Sungjae are about to get married?

Actress Han Yeseul showed her excitement because of the cake she received as a gift for the first time.

On December 6, Han Yeseul posted on her Instagram story, writing “Wow! It’s the first time I’ve ever received a cake like this!”.  The photo showed a cake that Han Yeseul received from someone. The cake has a pretty photo of Han Yeseul exuding elegance. The actress is touched by the pretty flowers and well-prepared cake she got as a gift.

Han Yeseul Ryu Sungjae

Earlier, Han Yeseul revealed herself enjoying a party with her boyfriend Ryu Sungjae during Christmas. In particular, as the ring worn on her left hand drew the attention, netizens speculated she will get married soon. 

Meanwhile, Han Yeseul is currently dating her boyfriend Ryu Sungjae, who is 10 years younger.

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