Han Ye-seul reveals her lover Ryu Sung-jae’s sleeping picture… “Are you tired of decorating the Christmas tree?”

Actress Han Ye-seul delivered a Christmas greeting with a picture of a large Christmas tree.

Han Ye-seul

On Dec 25th, Han Ye-seul posted a photo of a large tree with various colorful decorations on her Instagram account alongside the greeting “Merry Christmas“. The gift decorations under the tree were diverse and colorful, so it seems that a lot of sincerity was put into it.

Netizens expressed their surprise, saying that if Han Ye-seul had made the tree in the picture herself, it would have taken a lot of time. They also showed interest in whether she made it with her boyfriend.

Han Ye-seul Ryu Sung-jae

Han Ye-seul is dating Ryu Sung-jae, a former theater actor who is 10 years younger than her. Recently, she made headlines by revealing a picture of her boyfriend sleeping on the sofa.


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