aespa – TREASURE ranked first in Whosfan’s first half of 2021 male and female rookie idols

TREASURE and aespa took first place in each of the ‘Best Male/Female Rookie Idols Who Shone the Most in the First Half of 2021’.

Global K-pop fandom platform “Whosfan” held a vote from July 6 to July 12 on the theme of “WhosPICK” in the first half of 2021: “Who is the best male/female rookie idol who shone in the first half of 2021?”

aespa - TREASURE ranked first in Whosfan's first half of 2021 male and female rookie idols

New artists who were active in the first half of 2021 were nominated for this Whospic vote, which is based on recommendations from fans through Whosfan’s official SNS account.

For male rookie idol, TREASURE, P1 Harmony, CRAVITY, ENHYPEN, EPEX, DRIPPIN, MIRAE, WEi, Ciipher, BAE173, and GHOST9 competed as candidates.

Then, for the female rookie idols, aespa, Weekly, LIGHTSUM, STAYC, PURPLE KISS, TRI.BE, woo!ah!, and LUNARSOLAR were nominated.

After a fierce battle that recorded about 520,000 global votes, TREASURE for male rookie idols and aespa for female rookie idols took first place with 35.94% and 30.30%, respectively. P1 Harmony took 2nd place and CRAVITY took 3rd place for male idols, and Weekly and LIGHTSUM for female idols ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Whosfan will publish a planning article and run pop-up ads in the app for a week for TREASURE and aespa, who won first place in the poll.

Also, from July 13th to July 19th, a poll under the theme of ‘What is the BEST song that gave my idol the first place?’ will be conducted.

Source: Top Daily

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