Fans are worried as Taeyeon posted hinting quotes on Instagram 

Taeyeon shared phrases that seemed to represent her current feelings.

Taeyeon SNSD

Taeyeon, a member of the group Girls’ Generation, posted photos through her Instagram story on the afternoon of April 8th.

The photo released together this time contains the book phrases that Taeyeon was impressed with.

Taeyeon SNSD

First of all, the paragraph in the book, “To You Today, Who Are Afraid of Tomorrow”says “don’t expect the trees that will be shaken by the wind not to be shaken. That tree is a tree that will eventually be shaken in the wind no matter how much you beg and want it. Don’t look forward to it, don’t get hurt. As long as you are strong (to face the wind).”

Taeyeon SNSD

In the book “I hope you don’t get sick,” a paragraph says “no one understands everything and accepts it. They’re just waiting and being considerate and pretending to be okay. I hope you don’t think a person is okay with everything based on his consideration and understanding.”

As a result, there are concerns that something is going on with Taeyeon.

Taeyeon SNSD

Meanwhile, Taeyeon‘s third full album “INVU” was released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on February 14. This album is her first full album in about two years and three months since her second full-length album “Purpose” released in October 2019, and contains a total of 13 songs of various genres.

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