Bighit’s staff hitting BTS’ members: violent behaviour or just a joke?

Kpop fan communities are quite familiar with stories of managers having bad behaviour.However, not all of their actions are bad, and not everyone knows all the details of such stories.

Recently, ARMY are spreading some videos claiming that Bighit’s manager had violent behavior towards BTS. BTS fan community were outraged by his actions, and asked Bighit to change the manager.

But if we flip this around, nobody can dare to say that their manager hurt BTS members on purpose. First of all, BTS is Bighit’s golden group. It doesn’t seem like people under the CEO can bully them. Second, even BTS themselves are able to “roast” Bang Sihyuk, then who would be daring enough to bully the boys?

1. o be honest, Bangtan are amazing, what does Bighit even have? ㅋㅋㅋ I seriously would never understand people praising companies, what do the company have to do in all of that?…When the company listens to the fan, of course we would thank them but if they make a mistake, shouldn’t we give them a beating too? Why do we have to shield even the company? If you’re justifying their actions, in the end, Bangtan will be the ones suffering because the company won’t change right?? I’ve only seen fans protecting the company, Because the fans are so protective of the company, Bangtan are the ones who suffer in the end, they’re such a weird fandom…

2. I’ve said it countless times before, before Bangtan even hit big, Bighit had a bunch of issues going on. From the managers hitting them to the staffs smoking in their rooms…After they hit big, the fans realized that so it got a bit better..

3. I’m an Army and even I believe that we give too much credits for Bighit and it’s out of proportions. I can’t understand whenever I see Bangtan release a new MV, 6 comments are praising Bangtan while 4 other comments will be “Wow as expected from Bighit”ㅋㅋㅋ This is just f*cking weird, all of a sudden everyone just decided to bury their ugly actions and they became an amazing company, Army let’s wake up

4. I feel like they’re just joking on the second picture though?

5. The 2nd guy isn’t bad. The first guy is the issue.

Actually, if you look at the problem more objectively, the manager is simply joking with the members. Hopefully the relationship between the members and their managers will be stronger and more deeply attached!

Sources: pann-choa

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