The 10 most popular Kpop idols in China

On January 4, Powerstar announced the list of the most famous foreign stars in China.

Top 5 most popular foreign female artists in 2020

IU surpassed all the top female idols of Korea to stand at number 1 on the chart. The female singer is loved by her pure visual as the first love and possesses top musical talent. IU can compose herself, and her songs always dominate the digital music charts. In addition, the female singer is also extremely successful as an actress. The movie Hotel De Luna is also extremely popular in China, further enhancing IU’s reputation.
The 10 most popular Kpop idols in China2
Lisa is an idol with a huge fan base in China, especially after she took on the role of a coach on the show “Youth with you 2”. Black Pink member is the favorite advertising face, surpassed many actresses on the cover of famous magazines.  Lisa’s makeup style and fashion sense also create a trend, which is loved by Chinese girls.
The 10 most populaar Kpop idols in China3
2020 is a year when Ji Soo explodes in both beauty and popularity.  She also achieved success in her personal activities.  She becomes Dior’s “muse”, often having quality photos in magazines.  Black Pink’s visual also took on the first lead role in her career as an actress.  Many people think that Ji Soo is receiving a lot of attention she deserves.
The 10 most popular Kpop idols in China
With a face that both exudes a luxurious and lovely aura, Jennie is a popular visual model in the past year, always in the top global famous idol.  She became an ambassador for high-end cosmetic brands, fashion brands.  All details related to Jennie can be found at the top of Weibo, proving the YG star’s attractiveness.
The 10 most popular Kpop idols in China
Rosé is the last on the list and marks a record that all 4 Black Pink members are in the top 5. The female idol is preparing to have a solo debut and make a fever with outstanding beauty in a new series of promotional photos.

Top 5 most popular foreign male artists in 2020

The 10 most popular Kpop idols in China6
Despite the controversy over his ex-girlfriend, Chan Yeol still proves his popularity has not declined in the Chinese market.  The EXO member always has a large number of international fans, willing to pay for the male idol.  Chan Yeol has an innocent, masculine face and charming body proportions, so he attracts a lot of female fans.
The 10 most popular Kpop idols in China7
The EXO members still maintain their popularity in the Chinese market.  Baek Hyun attracts fans with his friendly beauty and inspirational voice.
The 10 most popular Kpop idols in China8
Se Hun being in the top 3 is predicted by fans. The maknae of EXO is still the model of the girls’ dream even though he hasn’t had many outstanding activities recently.
The 10 most popular Kpop idols in China9
Chinese fans remain loyal to 2nd generation idols, and G-Dragon is still on the list.  The impressive fashion sense is what makes the leader of Big Bang attracts many fans.
The 10 most popular Kpop idols in China10
Lee Jong Suk is the only actor in the chart although last year, he served in the military.  Lee Jong Suk has just been discharged from the military, promising to bring new movies in 2021.

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