SHINee Key Opens Up about His Family Conflict: “Grandma Curses My Mother in Front of Me”

SHINee’s Key revealed that he has become more cautious due to his family conflicts

On September 25th, a video featuring SHINee’s Key was uploaded on Shin Dong-yeop’s YouTube channe.

Key, who is currently appearing on “Amazing Saturday” with Shin Dong-yeop, appeared as a guest.

shinee key

Shin Dong-yeop said, “I’ve been having dinners with the Amazing Saturday team with Key for a long time. But I’ve never had the experience of drinking a lot until the end.” In response, Key revealed, “It’s not why. Because the seniors drink quickly. I’ve even knelt down in front of them and begged them to go to sleep.”

Shin Dong-yeop then said, “Key has an old-fashioned sensibility. It’s because of his grandmother.”

shinee key

Key explained, “My ability to observe my surroundings improved a lot because my family had severe conflicts. I can’t take my mother’s side or my grandmother’s side. It’s hopeless. They just curse each other.” He continued, “When my grandmother said, ‘Your mother doesn’t even help with cooking,’ my mother replied, ‘How can I cook when I’m out there making money?’ They were swearing in front of a 7 or 8-year-old. Both of them being at home made me watch my words.”

Key was asked, “Has this influence been a great help to your variety show appearances?” He replied, “Absolutely. If I see the production team’s expressions and feel that the flow isn’t right, I have to move on quickly.”

Source: naver

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