Hook refutes allegations of defrauding Lee Seung Gi of his advertising fees

Hook Entertainment said in a press release on Dec 23rd, “The rumor that Hook defrauded some of the money to be paid to its celebrities in not true.”

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“Even if it wasn’t intentional, we would like to sincerely apologize for Lee Seung Gi‘s music royalties situation and the wounds he would have received. However, we can no longer overlook the act of baiting public opinion, which affects even other celebrities, through this kind of unconfirmed fact.”

Hook said, “We are greatly uncomfortable to see the article being published without giving us a chance to refute this unilateral claim and misleading reports from a former Hook employee who indiscriminately leaks and shares company secrets as if it were true.”

lee seung gi hook

In particular, Hook emphasized, “Although the agency fee was supposed to be deducted and profits were to be distributed under the terms of our exclusive contract, Hook did not deduct any agency fees in the process of distributing profits with Lee Seung Gi since 2015.”

In addition, the agency announced, “We have notified Lee Seung Gi of the need to return us the unfair gains from the overpaid portion of the actual amount to be paid at the time of the fiscal calculation, and we are also preparing a claim for the return of the unfair gains.”

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Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative said on Dec 22nd that their side has filed a complaint, saying, “I learned that the former and current directors of Hook had deceived Lee Seung Gi and defrauded him of some of his advertising fees.” Since then, many started to suspect that Hook Entertainment has defrauded not only Lee Seung Gi but also some of its other actors’ advertising fees.

Source: Star News

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