“Running Man” member Song Ji Hyo reveals she often rides the subway but is never recognized

Actress Song Ji Hyo, a key member of “Running Man”, unveiled the reason while she’s not recognized while using public transport. 

Song Ji Hyo has always shown a unique presence in the TV show “Running Man”, and is evaluated as a core member  with both beauty and a sense of entertainment. 

Recently, she confessed that she often takes public transport, but is never recognized, and revealed the reason why people never seem to know it was her. 

In particular, Song Ji Hyo recently appeared in a newly-released video on YouTube channel of fellow member Ji Suk Jin. In the video, Ji Suk Jin can be seen driving his own car, taking Song Ji Hyo on a ride, and conversing with her. 

ji hyo ji suk jin running man

Here, Ji Suk Jin asked Song Ji Hyo, “How do you get here?”, to which the actress replied, “I used the subway”. Then, when Ji Suk Jin questioned if she traveled using the subway often, Song Ji Hyo answered, “I actually ride the subway a lot.” 

Hearing this, Ji Suk Jin said, “I don’t remember the last time I rode the subway. Don’t people recognize you when you take the subway?” 

song ji hyo

To this, Song Ji Hyo responded, “These days, whenever I take the subway, most people are too busy using their smartphones. Therefore, they hardly look ahead and see me since they are too focused on their phones.” 

Since Song Ji Hyo was dressed in comfortable athleisure clothes, a hat, and not wearing any makeup at the time, Ji Suk Jin also added, “If you go out dressing like this, people won’t think you actually are an actress. She’s really easygoing.” 

Source: wikitree

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