Song Ji-hyo reveals her shining 100% bare face “People don’t recognize me even if I take the subway”

Song Ji-hyo revealed her bare face.

Actress Song Ji-hyo drew attention by appearing with her bare face on Ji Suk-jin‘s YouTube channel video, which was released on Oct 28th.

song ji hyo running man

On this day, Ji Suk-jin prepared the content for the second part of “Need a ride?”. Ji Suk-jin introduced actress Song Ji-hyo, “She is finally here. Running Man‘s ace member.” Ji Suk-jin said, “Ji-hyo is at the dermatologist right now. So I will pick her up at the clinic and I will be driving her home.” Ji Suk-jin caused laughter by worrying, “She must not be wearing any makeup.”

song ji hyo running man

Ji Suk-jin asked, “I wondered what welcome drink I should get and this is what I came up with. Have you ever gone to a drive through?” Song Ji-hyo replied, “I went, of course. Just once.” Song Ji-hyo could not adapt to Ji Suk-jin, who was too kind. She made everyone laugh by saying, “You are so different, treat me like you do in Running Man.”

song ji hyo ji suk jin running man

Ji Suk-jin said, “Ji-hyo, are you sure you are okay without any makeup? Isn’t it the first time?” Song Ji-hyo answered, “No, not first time. It has been revealed several times on Running Man.” Song Ji-hyo then recalled, “In the beginning, you came to take me and I was wearing no makeup back then too.” She then made the surroundings into a sea of laughter by adding, “Let me put some life on my face.”

song ji hyo running man

Ji Suk-jin asked, “How did you get here anyways?” Song Ji-hyo attracted attention as she confessed, “I took the subway. I do use the subway often. These days on the subway, a lot of people are looking at their phones. So they don’t notice me.”

Source: Daum

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