“Is he attacking BIG BANG Taeyang?”… Lee Yong-jin drew attention as he said celebrities who deleted all Instagram posts were “ridiculous”

Netizens pointed out Lee Yong-jin’s remark in a recent “Turkids on the Block” video.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang recently came under fire while cleaning up his Instagram feed.


As BIGBANG’s Taeyang only told the news that he became a father without any special broadcasting activities in 2019, the only way to communicate with his fans was through SNS.

BigBang taeyang

Taeyang recently drew attention by removing not only his own picture, but also his wedding picture with his wife, Min Hyo-rin.

As of 7 pm on the 29th, if you enter Taeyang’s Instagram, there is still only a ‘no post’ left.


Amid various speculations, including rumors of Taeyang’s comeback and discord, comedian Lee Yong-jin’s remarks are drawing attention.

Singer pH-1 appeared as a guest and interviewed on the web entertainment show “Turkids on the Block,” which was released on the 28th.

lee yong jin

In the video, Lee Yong-jin asked “Why did you do that?” as he could not understand the reason pH-1 suddenly deleted all the posts on his SNS in July.

Lee Yong-jin continued, “I’m not talking about any specific celebrity. Lots of celebrities with many followers delete posts on their SNS like emptying the recycle bin on the computer”. 

lee yong jin ph-1

He added, “Then they suddenly make a new post as if they were born again. It’s not that their faces are shown in the picture, but only their shadows or a glass of soju appear. Why are they doing such ridiculous things?”.

lee yong jin ph-1

pH-1 said, “Many made the post knowing exactly what they were feeling”. Lee Yong-jin responded, “What do you think about those who like to show off? Nothing special, right?”, expressing his honest thoughts.

lee yong jin ph-1

Meanwhile, Lee Yong-jin made his debut as a comedian in 2003. He married a non-celebrity in 2019 and has a son named Yoon-jae. Lee Yong-jin has appeared on various web entertainment programs, such as “Turkids on the Block”, Box Media’s “Yong-jin’s Health Center”, etc. 

Source: Insight

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