4th gen female Kpop idols are all being criticized for being “lazy” on stage. 

Female Kpop idols of the 4th generation are too focused on being pretty to dance decently, said netizens. 

As the 4th generation of Kpop is gaining more popularity day by day, netizens are expecting to see explosive legends like their seniors. However, while there have been many iconic visuals in Kpop girl groups nowadays, these visuals are being said to lack energy on stage and would often skip dancing moves to look pretty. 

aespa Winter, for example, is being heavily criticized after fancams of her being “lazy” started to spread. Despite being a popular member of aespa and the group’s lead dancer, Winter did the choreography with little energy and even skipped several movements. According to netizens, the female idol maintained this bad habit even in the project group Girls On Top, leading to her standing out amid seniors in a negative light. 

aespa winter
Winter’s movement looks drained both while performing with aespa and with seniors. 
aespa winter
While the female idol is boasting improved visuals, her performance abilities seem to be going down. 

In response to all these lazy accusations, fans of the female idols defended her, saying that Winter had to limit her movement to prevent her accessory and attached hair from falling apart. However, netizens started to compare Winter with many other idols who performed strongly despite having hindering accessories, and called the female idol “unprofessional”. 

aespa winter
Winter did not move her head the same way other members did.
Throughout their career, aespa has faced countless controversies regarding their talent and stage attitude. 

Not longer ago, Jang Wonyoung from girl group IVE also faced similar controversies. As the center of IVE debut song, Wonyoung was closely watched by the media and the public alike, who pointed out that Wonyoung would often skip dancing movements. 

ive wonyoung
Jang Wonyoung did not shake her head so as not to ruffle her hair. 

These netizens also accused Wonyoung of being too focused on looking good, and prioritizing her hair over the performance. Meanwhile, Wonyoung stans maintained that the female idol was running on ridiculously low hours of sleep, and couldn’t spare more energy due to her exhaustion. 

However, netizens contended, pulling out not 1, but 12 occasions where Wonyoung refused to ruffle her hair. Nevertheless, during the promotions for IVE’s comeback “Love Dive”, the female idol has poured way more energy into her stage, and improved drastically. 

ive wonyoung
Netizens pointed out 12 occasions that Jang Won Young allegedly did not do the choreography properly. 
ive wonyoung
As of now, the female idol has poured much more energy into her stage. 

ITZY is a group with strong dance skills, so Lia‘s lazy dancing became a hot topic of discussion.  While members Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna are all appreciated for their dancing ability, Lia’s poor dancing skills and unattractive stage presence caused her to be criticized.  However, not only did she not try to improve her skills, but she also had a superficial attitude when performing, which made netizens angry.

Lia often forgets the choreography

Many fans defended Lia, saying that because she is the main vocalist of the group, her bad dancing can be ignored. However, many people think that Lia is dragging ITZY down because of her poor skills.

Not only did she not improve, but she made more and more mistakes on stage.
Itzy 2019-Mcountdown
Many people think that Lia is the “hole” of ITZY.

(G)-IDLE’s Shuhua is famous for her good looks but is often judged as having bad performing skills.  It’s been 5 years since her debut, the female idol has not been able to improve her skills despite being criticized many times. Shuhua’s dancing skills are far behind the other members, besides, she also doesn’t have a flexible facial expression on stage.

Shuhua has a beautiful and charming visual
Her stage presence was also rated as the worst in the group.

Many fans of Shuhua also voiced for her that in terms of charisma, the female idol’s expression has improved a lot.  However, netizens don’t think so.


Shuhua’s skills have not been improved despite being criticized many times.

Netizens are extremely disappointed because the similarity among many Gen 4 female idols is their laziness. The girls’ lack of professionalism leads them to be suspected of having “princess” disease and of course, causes them to be under fire. 

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