Park Bo Gum to YG entertainment under Sean’s influence? Groundless.

YG Entertainment claimed that rumors of Park Bo Gum joining their agency is false.

On January 17th, an industry insider hinted to media outlet Star News that Park Bo Gum, who left his previous agency Blossom, is going to YG Entertainment.

However, another official from YG Entertainment told Ten Asia on the same day that Park Bo Gum’s transfer to YG Entertainment is completely “groundless“.

It was previously assumed that Park Bo Gum’s decision to join YG was partly due to Sean. After being discharged from the military, Park Bo Gum showed off his close friendship with Sean through volunteer activities such as running, donating briquettes, and building houses for people in need. On January 14th, Sean also announced that he met Park Bo Gum at 6 AM and ran 10 km together. “Bo Gum, let’s work hard together in running and volunteering this year! I’ll look forward to actor Park Bo Gum with a good project,” the hip hop artist posted.

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In addition, Park Bo Gum recently moved to the church that Sean attends. As such, people believe that Park Bo Gum chose YG Entertainment after being influenced by Sean.

Previously in December of 2022, Park Bo Gum departed from Blossom Entertainment. At the time, the agency said, “After long discussions with actor Park Bo Gum, we agreed to end our exclusive contract at the end of this month. We decided to cheer for the future of Park Bo Gum”. 

Park Bo-gum Sean

Meanwhile, in February 2022, Park Bo Gum was discharged from the military early due to the aftermath of COVID-19. He has since been meeting with the public through volunteer activities and as an awards ceremony MC. The actor recently attended the premiere of the movie “Phantom” to show support for actress Park So Dam, who co-starred with him in “Record of Youth”

Source: Daum

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