A female celebrity who married her senior actor after 3 months of dating

Actress Ji So-yeon, who made her debut in 2013 through the drama “Shining Romance”, married Song Jae-hee, a senior actor who is 7 years older than her, in September 2017. 

Ji So-yeon

In September 2021, the two released couple pictorial photos to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary. In particular, Ji So-yeon and her husband Song Jae-hee drew attention by revealing their solid bodies.

Ji So-yeon Song Jae-hee

In an interview, she said, “At first, when my husband told me that he would build up his body, I started dieting together to help him out, but I became greedy and exercised too. People should exercise because they will get healthier not only physically but also mentally. I strongly recommend it. My husband’s body is becoming better and better every day to the extent that it feels like I have a new boyfriend.”

Ji So-yeon Song Jae-hee

In the past, Ji So-yeon made headlines for holding a high-speed wedding after 3 months of dating.

Ji So-yeon Song Jae-hee

In a recent interview, she expressed her affection towards her husband, “Thanks to my husband’s active courtship, we became a couple and got married. It took only three months from the beginning of our relationship to marriage. So I was worried a lot. After marriage, many things that we didn’t know when we were dating were discovered. I thought my husband was a manly man, but he actually has a lot of aegyo.”

Ji So-yeon Song Jae-hee

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