Yoo Joo Eun’s potential acting career before she passed away at the age of 27 due to depression

Yoo Joo Eun passed away because of long-term depression. 

In the early morning of August 29th, Sports Chosun reported that Korean actress Yoo Joo Eun passed away at 27 years old due to her long-term depression. Her passing in the midst of her rising career saddens fans and followers. 

Yoo Joo Eun was born in 1995 and had a passion for acting since a young age. The actress always dreamt of being on the screen and taking on various roles. From her debut onwards, Yoo Joo Eun got the chance to act in two drama series “Big Forest” and “Joseon Survival”. 

yoo joo eun

In 2018, the actress made her debut as a supporting character in tvN drama production “Big Forest”. Thanks to her promising performance in her first role, Yoo Joo Eun earned another supporting role in period drama “Joseon Survival”  in 2019. While still early in her career, the actress made a good impression for her bright look that was suited for many other roles. She was soon positively regarded as capable and hardworking in her performances. 

joseon survival
Yoo Joo Eun in “Joseon Survival”. 

However, there were hidden sides to an actress’ story that the viewers could not have known. The actress passed away on the morning of August 29th in the sorrow of her fans. 

What was more bleak is that, in her suicide note, she did not forget to mention her love for acting and considered it as a part of her own body: “I really want to act. Maybe that is all who I am, a part of my body. But that life is not easy”. 

yoo joo eun

Yoo Joo Eun was a young actress with a burning passion for acting. The Korean filming scene lost another young, promising face. 

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