Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung become parents of 2 children “Receive good news again after 8 years”

Top actors Lee Byung Hun (53) and Lee Min Jung (41) will become parents of two children.

According to News1 on August 4th, Lee Min Jung was recently pregnant with her second child. It has been 8 years since she held her first son Joon Hoo in her arms.

Lee Min Jung gave birth to her first child Joon Hoo in 2015, two years after marrying Lee Byung Hun. Now, she got pregnant again with her second child after 8 years.

Lee Byung hun Lee Min jung

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung got married in 2013 and have been receiving a lot of love as the representative lovebird couple in the entertainment industry for a decade.

Lee Min Jung returned to the screen after about 10 years through the movie “Switch” released last January. In addition, she was selected as the MC of the entertainment program “Oh Eun Young Game”, which aired earlier this year, and proved the unique entertainment sense that she usually showed on SNS.

Lee Byung Hun’s “Concrete Utopia”, one of the Big4 summer movies of this year’s peak season, is about to be released. Lee Byung Hun plays Yeong Tak, the resident representative of the Imperial Palace Apartment. “Concrete Utopia” will be released on August 9th.

Source: Nate

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