Scenes on “Dancing Queens on the Road” prove that Korean teenagers like using iPhones

The recent broadcast of tvN’s program “Dancing Queens on the Road” showed Lee Hyo Ri and BoA visiting Gwangju Girls’ High School.

Dancing Queens on the Road

A teacher at Gwangju Girls’ High School requested a performance, stating she wanted to boast about the passion of the dance club students. Therefore, Lee Hyo Ri and BoA prepared a surprise performance, which was like a 2023 version of “School Attack”.

Lee Hyo Ri presented a new arrangement of the song “U Go Girl” so that she could dance with the students. Thanks to the rearranged version, an amazing collaboration stage that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Dancing Queens on the Road

BoA brought about a new stage of “Girls On Top” full of the girl crush vibe, drawing enthusiastic responses.

What drew attention was that all the high school girls were seen busy filming Lee Hyo Ri and BoA during the performance.

Dancing Queens on the Road

Pointing out several scenes of the audience crowd shown on the program, netizens found out that almost all the students were using iPhones by Apple. Only a few friends used Samsung Galaxy.

In fact, it has already been confirmed that Apple products are highly preferred among teenagers in Korea.

According to a survey targeting 1000 smartphone users aged 18 and above conducted by Gallup Korea last year, 53% of the 18~29 age group prefer using Apple iPhones. This is the only age group that showed a high proportion of iPhone usage.

Dancing Queens on the Road

It is reported that students these days use Apple’s sharing function ‘Airdrop’ instead of Kakaotalk when exchanging photos.

Netizens who watched “Dancing Queens on the Road” broadcast commented, “It is true that iPhone is really popular among students”, “I could really feel the popularity of iPhone while watching the program”, etc.

Source: Insight

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