3 Korean beauties who make plastic jewelry look luxurious

Netizens compared the visuals of female stars who turn plastic jewelry into high-end accessories.

Korean celebrities always appear perfect from head to toe, and their jewelry is often of the highest quality. However, SNSD’s Taeyeon, actress Han So Hee, and (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon are trending for basically wearing plastic toys. And while most people praised Taeyeon, they also admitted that the gorgeous Han So Hee stole her thunder. 

Taeyeon – SNSD

The well-known idol Taeyeon received numerous compliments for looking downright stunning on the TV show “Amazing Saturday”, despite wearing a set of toy accessories that only cost 3000 won ($2). However, many also said that she was no match for actress Han So Hee, who adorned a similar set in a livestream. 

taeyeon 22042022 1
Taeyeon looked like a real-life princess in the sparkling jewelry. 
taeyeon 22042022 2
She was compared to actress Han So Hee, who is said to be more chic and glamorous. 

Han So Hee

Actress Han So Hee also hit headlines after wearing toy jewelry set on her birthday livestream. With her simple hairstyle and striking beauty, actress Han So Hee made the cheap plastic accessories seem like luxury ones. No one could tell that her earrings and necklace were children’s toys. 

han so hee
Han So hee 1711212
Han So Hee’s simple appearance was enough to “glamorize” cheap jewelry. 

Miyeon – (G)-IDLE

With her recent photoshoot, Miyeon became the latest female celebrity to adopt this trend. The idol was spotting a princess-like image with a dazzling gown, a plastic tiara, and various other accessories. The idol’s hair color helped accentuate these jewelry, and netizens were convinced that Miyeon looks straight out of a Disney movie. 

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