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“Single’s Inferno” dancer Cha Hyun-seung becomes the No.1 target on Mnet’s new dance show “Be Mbitious”

Dancer Cha Hyun-seung, who drew attention with his appearance in “Single’s Inferno”, applied for “Be Mbitious”.

On the first broadcast of Mnet’s entertainment program “Be Mbitious”, which aired on the evening of May 24th, the competitions between solo dancers to be chosen for the project dance crew that will compete in “Street Man Fighter” began.

Be Mbitious

Dancer Cha Hyun-seung, who is known as Sunmi’s partner dancer and a cast member of “Single’s Inferno”, showed up and stole the attention. Regarding the attention he received after appearing on “Single’s Inferno”, Cha Hyun-seung said, “I couldn’t show everyone my appearance when I work”. After “Single’s Inferno”, Cha Hyun-seung often uploaded dance videos on his SNS but people remembered him as a cast member of “Single’s Inferno” rather than a dancer.

Be Mbitious

Facing reactions, such as “Why  is the person on Single’s Inferno dancing in this competition?”, “Cha Hyun-seung only does it with female partners”, etc., Cha Hyun-seung expressed his confidence, saying, “I’m good at other things!”. Before he entered, Cha Hyun-seung was pointed out as “the opponent you can beat or want to win against” 9 times in total, surprising everyone as he became the No.1 target on the show.

Be Mbitious

Meanwhile, Mnet’s “Be Mbitious” is a program to form the project dance crew “Mbitious”, which will be named in the lineup for “Street Man Fighter”.

Source: Nate

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