Kim Tae Ri: the newly-crowned Baeksang Best Actress who may even surpass Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin 

As of the moment, Kim Tae Ri is probably the most respected Korean actress who were born in the 90s. 

A late bloomer that is now flourishing

Born in 1990, Kim Tae Ri constantly nails hit projects, and manages to be successful on both the small and the big screen, with series like “Mr. Sunshine” and “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, as well as in movies like “The Handmaiden” and “Little Forest”.

Despite her overflowing visuals and acting skills, however, Kim Tae Ri can be considered a late bloomer of the Korean entertainment industry. 

Kim Tae Ri
The late bloomer Kim Tae Ri

In 2015, she made her acting debut way later than people of the same age. Still, the rookie Kim Tae Ri managed to overcome 1500 other actresses to star in “The Handmaiden”, and from here garnered numerous prestigious titles, including Best New Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Kim Tae Ri overcame 1500 competitors to star in “The Handmaiden’

Ever since, Kim Tae Ri received high critical acclaim and became a favorite face for film directors and producers. However, she never lets quantity surpass the quality, and carefully considers only the scripts that strike her. 

Kim Tae Ri only chooses quality scripts. 

Outside of the cinema, Kim Tae Ri also made it big on the small screen, with her two works “Mr. Sunshine” and “Twenty Five Twenty One” being both insanely successful. 

According to many professionals, at the rate Kim Tae Ri is going, she will soon become a legendary actress, following the steps of Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin. 

Rumored relationship with Song Joong Ki 

Kim Tae Ri actually had a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication at Kyung Hee University and planned to become a news announcer. However, after participating in the school’s drama club, she realized her true calling and started pursuing acting. 

Popular, yet the actress is notorious for keeping her relationship private and never catches any dating rumors throughout her career. However, things have changed, and Kim Tae Ri recently found herself entangled in dating rumors with her former co-star Song Joong Ki

Kim Tae Ri and Song Joong Ki collaborated in the sci-fi movie “Space Sweepers”.

These rumors arose after the duo freely interacted and joked around with each other while promoting their shared project “Space Sweepers”. According to certain fans, Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri looked at each other as people in love, and their gestures toward each other can only be explained by a romantic relationship. 

Recently, Song Joong Ki also made headlines after publishing a photo of him watching Kim Tae Ri’s vlog, long after “Space Sweepers” aired. This proved that the two were still in a close relationship, or even romance, as suspected by fans. 

Twenty Five Twenty One
Kim Tae Ri’s most recent work is the K-drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, where she starred alongside actor Nam Joo Hyuk. 

Kim Tae Ri’s relationship with Nam Joo Hyuk – her co-star in the 2022 series “Twenty Five Twenty One”, is also drawing attention. Fans actively ship the two, and find it extremely interesting how Kim Tae Ri acted like a child on-screen with Joo Hyuk, yet turned into a whole big sister the moment the camera was off. 

Source: K14

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