Park Ha-sun reveals her 6-year-old daughter… “Feeling uncomfortable”

Actress Park Ha-sun revealed her daily life with her daughter.

On July 14th, Park Ha-sun posted a video on her Instagram with the caption “It’s exciting, it’s mine. She’s resting since she keeps falling while riding the kickboard. She feels uncomfortable.”

The video showed Park Ha-sun playing with her daughter in an open space. Park Ha-sun’s daughter was resting as she kept falling while riding the kickboard. She was in an uncomfortable state because she kept falling.

Park Ha-sun changed the atmosphere with soap bubbles for her daughter, who felt uncomfortable. Park Ha-sun was more excited than her daughter. Her daughter’s side profile was revealed, drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Park Ha-sun is married to actor Ryu Soo-young and they have one daughter.

Source: nate

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