Psy: “I couldn’t sleep for a few days after the collaboration with BTS Suga was confirmed… It’s like I saved the country in my previous life”

Singer Psy will appear on Melon Station’s “Today’s Music”.

Melon announced on April 29th, “Psy, who will make a splendid comeback with his 9th full-length album ‘SSADA 9’, has confirmed his appearance on Melon Station’s ‘Today’s Music’ today (April 29th), the day of his new album’s release.”


Through “Today’s Music”, Psy will explain the history of his past albums as well as the full-length album “SSADA 9“. He will also provide a behind-the-scenes talk on recording, choreography, and music video. Interesting stories are expected to pour out as Psy makes a comeback with the title song “That That, prod. SUGA of BTS”, which he co-produced with BTS Suga.


Psy, who is making a comeback after 5 years, said, “It has been 5 years since I repeated the cycle of creation, listening, modification, reprocessing and giving up several times.” In particular, regarding the collaboration with Suga, he drew laughter by sharing, “After the collaboration with Suga was confirmed, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep for a few days. I feel like I saved the country in my previous life.” In addition, many global fans are expected to respond enthusiastically as the detailed story about Psy and Suga’s collaboration will unfold on “Today’s Music”.


Besides, there are sections that can only be found on “Today’s Music”, such as “Psy-Five”, which introduces Melon’s top 5 popular songs of Psy and reads comments on these songs, and “Psy’s Emotional Playlist”, which introduces Psy’s favorite songs.

Melon’s music talk show “Today’s Music” is Melon Station’s representative program where various musicians, from idols representing K-POP to talented singer-songwriters, become DJs. In the future, “Today’s Music” plans to provide rich audio content to Melon members by disclosing the daily lives of various artists and their playlists.

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