K-netizens Discuss Legendary MAMA Performance (ft. BIG BANG, BTS)

As Mnet Asia Music Awards 2023 (MAMA 2023) is coming close, Korean netizens recalled the award ceremony’s past legendary performances.

On October 21, a post was made on the popular Korean online community theqoo with the title “The two performances I think are legends among MAMA’s stages.”

In this post, GD X Taeyang’s “Good Boy + Fantastic Baby” in MAMA 2014 and BTS’s “Not Today + DNA + Cypher Pt 4 + MIC Drop” in MAMA 2017 were listed.

Upon seeing this post, countless Korean netizens have flooded into the comment section to leave their praises.

“They are both so good”

“I personally think GDXTaeyang would not have been that good without GD’s rap. GD’s diss rap is really… I was surprised to see BTS perform on the stage live. I told myself that’s what artists who can go on Billboard do.”

“BTS has so many legendary performances”

“BTS has a lot of legendary performances, but that one still makes my heart thump”

“GD Taeyang are an eco-disrupting species. Their singing and dancing skills are so dope. Look at that. They are rocking it live.”

Meanwhile, as of the end of the same day, the original post has gather approximately 24,000 views.

Sources: theqoo

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