Ratings soared in 2 episodes… The identity of tvN’s new drama which is currently on the rise

“Under the Queen’s Umbrella” captivated viewers after 2 episodes.

According to Nielsen Korea on Oct 17th, the Oct 16th broadcast of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” recorded 9.1% nationwide, breaking its own highest ratings.

The Queen's Umbrella

The highest rating per minute soared to 10.4%. It also took first place among its competitors that are broadcast at the same time and is receiving an unusual response from the beginning. “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, which first aired on Oct 15th, started with a rating of 7.6%.

On this day’s broadcast, the struggle of Queen Im Hwa-ryeong (Kim Hye-soo), who faced a crisis with the fatal secret of Grand Prince Gye-seong (Yoo Seon-ho) from the shocking truth that happened in the royal family in the past, was depicted.

the queens umbrella

Hwa-ryeong, who witnessed the secret of Grand Prince Gye-seong in a secret room inside the abandoned pavilion, cried soundlessly. Inside the secret room, a woman’s jeogori (Korean traditional jacket) and a silhouette of wearing rouge on the lips were captured, and it was shocking when the appearance of Grand Prince Gye-seong dressed up as a woman was revealed.

“Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, which deals with the top 1% education method in Joseon to make the troublemaker princes, who cause nuisance for the royal family, into proper princes, airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 PM.

Source: wikitree

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