Kpop idols who are treated unfairly by their companies

The popularity of the member of each group is quite different, so the discrimination in KPOP groups is inevitable.

Have you ever wondered why in a classroom there is always a student who is loved by all teachers and vice versa? In fact, people are always talking about “equality”, but the truth tells us that there are always people who are more favored than others.

In KPOP, it’s not hard to realize that in a group, the most popular members always get promoted and receive love from more fans than the others. And of course, there will be some members who are treated differently.


Discrimination is always one of the hot topics in BLINK fandom. Lisa’s fans always felt that Lisa was rejected by YG and neglected by the other members.

Despite of her skills, height and perfect body proportions, Lisa rarely stands at the center of the group. Besides, when the group went to events, Lisa always had to wear outfits that were considered ugly and inappropriate. Many fans said that because Lisa is Southeast Asian that she is being treated differently.

Wendy (Red Velvet)

As one of the well-rounded members who is in charge of the hard parts in Red Velvet’s songs, Wendy’s role has always been underrated. SM Entertainment had been criticized for cutting out Wendy’s picture from “Rookie” teaser. Besides, Wendy is less likely to be involved in many popular shows like other members. The girl seems to be mostly revolving around Red Velvet.

KPOP fans know that Wendy’s strength is singing ballad songs, which is against Red Velvet’s musical direction. Besides Red Velvet’s activities, SM did not give Wendy any quality ballads or solo albums for her to develop like what Taeyeon did before.

Not many people know that Wendy is really good at singing ballads!

Lai Guan Lin (Wanna One)

Wanna One’s youngest member is considered as a typical case of discrimination. The boy has been repeatedly treated unfairly by YMC Entertainment and Swing Entertainment. While the popular members of the group have a lot of personal schedules, Lai Guan Lin is nowhere to be found. In addition, his photo and poster are often cut off from the frame many times.

Guanlin’s lines and the amount of screen time are extremely short. Wanna One’s company had also put electric wire under Guanlin’s clothes while shooting the MV, which made manh fans angry. Basically, what Lai Guan Lin received was completely different from other famous members.

J-Hope (BTS)

Despite acting as the main dancer and music producer of BTS, J-Hope should have been deserving of much more attention.

Appearing with BTS, J-Hope was rarely in the middle of the team. In spite of playing the role of a main dancer, J-Hope has little chance of performing killing parts, and Jungkook or Jimin will do instead. Besides, the male idol’s personal profile is often neglected by famous magazines as well, although other members have.


It is hard to imagine such brilliant beauty as Jane is completely forgotten in MOMOLAND. Jane has all elements to become a center: a beautiful face, perfect body figure, good singing and dancing ability. However, after debut, Jane was completely overwhelmed by Nancy, JooE and Yeonwoo. In MOMOLAND’s performances, the center position was never reserved for Jane.

There are also other opinions that Jane is more suited to the concept of girl crush than the current image of MOMOLAND. If MOMOLAND changes their concept, Jane will probably become the center.

Source: tinnhac

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