Brown Eyed Girls Gain revealed current status 2 years after illegal drug use

The current status of (35, Son Gain), a member of the group Brown Eyed Girls, has been revealed for the first time in 2 years. 

On December 5th, Miryo announced that she had a meeting with all four members of Brown Eyed Girls, including JeA, Narsha, and Gain. The published photos show her having a conversation with JeA in a restaurant, and drinking with the members. 

Miryo also gave a glimpse of Gain’s recent situation by adding the hashtag #Gain and the message “A person who came late and who has misunderstood me for 16 years (Gain came late and couldn’t take a picture. Too bad)”.

brown eyed girls

The female idol also invoked laughter by saying, “Many people get a strong impression from seeing the 4 of us together. But we don’t understand that. We are just idiots who all lack something”. 

In response, fans left enthusiastic comments under Miryo’s post, such as “How is Gain?”, “Oh, my heart is beating so fast”, “Please post a complete selfie”, “I miss Gain. I will always wait for her”, and “I miss her so much“.

brown eyed girls

There has been no news about Gain for 2 years since she complained about the damage caused by SNS hacking in 2020. She was spotted in the complete group photo for the 16th anniversary of Brown Eyed Girls’ debut, which was released by the members in March, but never engaged in direct communication. 

In addition, it was belatedly known in 2021 that Gain was involved in the illegal use of psychotropic drug propofol between July and August 2019. Particularly, she received propofol injections from plastic surgeon A on four occasions and bought 3 boxes of general anesthetic Etomidate (10 boxes of 10 ml per box) for 1.5 million won, according to reports. 


In the end, Gain was found guilty of illegal use of propofol (violation of the Narcotics Control Act) and received a fine of 1 million won. She has since suspended her activities in the entertainment industry. 

Regarding the drug controversy, Gain said, “I apologize deeply for the fact that I couldn’t apologize first and caused more concern with sudden news, even though I was aware that it was socially incorrect”, adding, “I have suffered severe pain, depression, and serious sleeping disorders for a long time.”

Source: Nate

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