“Silent up to now” Seo Ye Ji – used to take part in BIGBANG’s MV with G-Dragon

After Seo Ye Ji‘S “gaslighting scandal”, her past videos are drawing attention from netizens.

In January 2016, on Arirang TV’s ‘Showbiz Korea”, Seo Ye Ji talked about BIGBANG’s MV ‘Let’s Not Fall In Love”.

In the MV, Seo Ye Ji performed as G-Dragon’s girlfriend and became a hot topic. Seo Ye Ji shared that “G-Dragon was really good. We filmed it while not saying a word.”

She then explained the situation “The atmosphere was very awkward. I didn’t say a word in the rain or the scene that G-Dragon was looking at me. I just said hello and started filming.”

“G-Dragon seems to be experienced because he has taken a lot of music videos as a singer.” – Seo Ye Ji added

In addition, the Making Video of the drama ‘Hwarang’ is also attracting attention. At that time, there was a kissing scene between Park Seo Joon and Seo Ye Ji. We can see the awkward atmosphere between them.

Seo Ye Ji also revealed in an interview that she felt a sense of distance with Park Seo Joon. She said, “The role of Park Seo Joon ‘oppa’ in the drama treats me coldly. We weren’t very close so I got used to it”

Meanwhile, recently, Seo Ye Ji has been accused of gaslighting the rumored boyfriend – Kim Jung Hyun. After that, she continued to be accused of bullying her classmates, lying about her education, and stealing money.

Source: Nate

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