Victoria Beckham shares her honest thoughts on the “over-the-top” wedding ceremony 

Despite the “exaggerated” coverage of the press, Mrs. Beckham said it was “much more intimate than it looked.” 

In an interview with “The Business of Fashion” at the end of the year, Victoria Beckham shared thoughts on her wedding day with the renowned former English footballer David Beckham 20 years ago. 

“I think that the media glamorized the wedding much more than it actually was, “Can you believe it?!” “[The ceremony was] actually much more intimate than it looked. I love to have fun. I work very very hard. I take what I do very seriously. I want to be a great wife, a really great mum, but I wanna have fun as well. Sometimes my tongue-in-cheek sense of humor does tend to get me in trouble, but the wedding wasn’t as huge as everybody made it out [to be],” said the actress. 

Victoria David Beckham
Victoria and David Beckham on their grand wedding day in 1999. (Image: IG) 

According to “Daily Mail,” the ceremony between Victoria and David Beckham is one of the most grandiose events of world showbiz. 

In 1999, the couple’s big day was held at Luttrellstown in Ireland, an estate that dates back to the 18th century and is situated in a 226-acre land with picturesque beauty. The wedding location lived up to Mrs. Beckham’s expectation of a “private” and “unique” place covered in greens. 

They commissioned Bentley’s Entertainments, the agency organizing Elton John’s and Princess Anne’s birthday, to plan for the ceremony. 

Victoria David Beckham
The Beckham wedding became the most over-the-top event in showbiz. (Image: IG) 

Victoria asked Simon Lycett, who worked in a romantic comedy movie of the 90s “Four Weddings and A Funeral,” to decorate the flowers and line the apples around the castle to create a floral fragrance. 

For the costumes, David Beckham wore a cream colored design by Timothy Everett and drove the Bentley Azure worth 230 thousand pounds. Whereas Victoria put on a Vera Wang wedding dress, boasting stylishness on the Bentley Arnage.  Her crown, made of gold and diamond,  got its own spotlight and was designed by Slim Barrett, who crafted Diana’s accessories. 

The wedding organization agency also prepared a golden throne covered in velvet for the couple to welcome their guests. 

Victoria David Beckham

With much investment into the wedding, the Beckham’s wedding landed in the Top 25 “Most Expensive Wedding of All Time.”

Victoria Beckham also expressed their surprise when she and her husband ascended to much power and popularity as of that moment. 

“ When I first met David he wasn’t actually even playing for the first team in Manchester United, he’d only just started to break through. If you took David and Manchester United and then you took me and the Spice Girls, it was huge. I mean everywhere that we went we were followed by fans and paparazzi and constantly being talked about,” said the Spice Girls member. 

Victoria David Beckham
The married couple is still sweet as the first day they fell in love. (Image: IG) 

When asked about the rumors of “building a brand” in the marriage with her husband, Victoria denied and affirmed she would not have stayed with him for more than two decades if she had not liked him. However, she did admit they unintentionally created a brand by staying together. 

Before the interview, Victoria shared a photo of herself sitting on David’s lap, who was wearing a Santa’s hat, along with the caption: “All I want for Christmas is David Beckham.” 

Source: Daily Mail

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