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“Jinny’s Kitchen” unveils highlight video… BTS V, “Lee Seo Jin, I’m confused. I don’t know if he is a good or bad person”

“Jinny’s Kitchen” restaurant owner Lee Seo jin assessed the attendance of employees Jung Yoo Mi, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, and BTS V.

On February 17th, tvN released a 5-minute highlight video showing the real scene at “Jinny’s Kitchen”.

The released highlight video begins with Jung Yu Mi, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, and BTS V relaxing while watching the view of Bacalar, a quiet neighborhood near a mysterious lake in Mexico. The heaven-like picturesque scene with warm sunshine, relaxed atmosphere, and people smiling brightly catches the eyes of viewers.


The small restaurant “Jinny’s Kitchen” is located on the side of the lake and the restaurant owner Lee Seo Jin appears. Unlike their business philosophy of “profit is king”, the situation with empty tables makes Lee Seo Jin raise his eyebrows. While Lee Seo Jin becomes more nervous and sensitive while waiting for customers, his employees are busy doing various things.

When the first customer appears, Lee Seo Jin shows a bright smile. BTS V reacts, “I’m confused. I don’t know if this man is a good or bad person…”. Park Seo Joon comments, “Isn’t he making them feel uncomfortable with that strange smile”.


In addition, the evaluation of “Jinny’s Kitchen” employees draws attention. Lee Seo Jin mentions meticulousness as the advantage of Jung Yu Mi, who is in charge of making the signature kimbap. Although Lee Seo jin gives younger members generous scores for their responsible attitude, he complains, “It is true that you stole some pieces of kimbap to eat”.

Lee Seo Jin gave compliments to Park Seo Joon, the cooking king. Lee Seo Jin praises Park Seo Joon’s sincerity and energy and describes him as his “right arm” but Park Seo Joon is aiming for the restaurant owner position. The relationship between the two will once again bring laughter to viewers.

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In addition, Lee Seo Jin’s evaluation of Choi Woo Sik, who shows off his serving ability with his unique sociable personality, and BTS V, the new youngest member who is recognized for his perseverance, is also interesting. Seeing the pure spirit of the youngest member, Lee Seo Jin said, “You worked hard today, but you still have to work hard tomorrow, intern”, heralding fierce evaluation at every moment.

In the meantime, the appearance of “Jinny’s Kitchen” being crowded with visitors days and nights as well as delicious food made by the employees, such as gimbap, tteokbokki, hot dogs and ramen, makes viewers feel hungry.

“Jinny’s Kitchen” will premiere on February 24th.

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