Angelababy sues a hospital for using 36 photos of her before dental procedures

A compensation of 36,000 Chinese yuan was requested by Angelababy after a dental clinic used her past photos for commercial purposes. 

According to media site HK01, Angelababy recently sued a hospital in Beijing for illegally using her image. It is reported that the dental hospital used 36 photos of the actress before braces to post on social networks for commercial purposes without permission.

Regarding this case, Angelababy demanded a compensation of 36,000 Chinese yuan (around 5,000 USD) due to image infringement. The court also order said hospital to publish an official apology on SNS platform Wechat and pay the compensation demanded. 

angela baby
Angelababy before and after braces

Years in the industry, yet the authentication of Angelababy’s appearance has never ceased to be a controversial topic. 

In particular, many people believe that the actress’ beauty is a product of plastic surgery and that she has chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and jaw reconstruction. They pointed towards her past images with angular jawline, short chin, and protruding teeth as “evidence”. 

Eventually, these plastic surgery accusations went so far, to the point that Angelababy had to get an expert examination from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to prove that her beauty is truly natural. 

In 2015, renowned Chinese plastic surgeon Qi Zuoliang examined Angelababy’s face, and noted that there were no cut marks on her eyelids, around her eyes and around her mouth. He also looked into the actress’ forehead, nose, chin, cheekbones, and cheeks, and affirmed that Angelababy has never gone under the knife.  

Nevertheless, some netizens were reluctant to accept this, and started to accuse the actress of bribery to fake the examination results. 

angela baby
The authentication of Angelababy’s appearance has never ceased to be a controversial topic

Born in 1989, Angelababy joined the entertainment industry as a model, before branching into the acting world. However, while her visuals have always been a hot topic, her acting skills roused controversial opinions. She married actor Huang Xiaoming in 2015, gave birth to a son, but filed for divorce in January 2022. 

Source: K14

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