4 male K-Pop idols best known for their gentleman manner

Jungkook, Cha Eunwoo, Kai and Ong Seongwoo are the male gods complimented by the media source Topstarnews to be the most well-mannered gentlemen of K-Pop.

1. Jungkook (BTS): Jungkook is well-known for being a kind boy who loves to help other people. This is why many fans gave him the nickname of “Golden Maknae”. Not just his talent or appearance, Jungkook’s personality is also what makes people fall in love with him.

The most prominent point in Jungkook personality is his manner and professionalism in every situation. The images of Jungkook helping the staff of ISAC 2016 cleaning the trash is what BTS’s fans are always proud of. Or at the Melon Music Awards, when Jungkook accidentally discovered a fallen light bulb, he immediately picked it up and put it back to the original place. Just a small actions, but the audience are impressed.

When in America – a place with a very open and chill lifestyle, Jungkook still kept the well-mannered habits of a Korean man. While taking pictures with other stars or female international fans, Jungkook never put his hand on their shoulders or their back. Thanks to that manner hand, Jungkook is complimented by fans and the media.

2. Cha Eunwoo (Astro): Being one of the rare male idols who have an impressive education background, Cha Eunwoo had given up his chance of being a judge to join the Korean showbiz. This male idol used to go to a very prestigious high school as the student president and was in the top 3 best students. Not just his appearance, Cha Eunwoo’s personality is also elegant and well-loved.

The male idol is said to be a tsundere (cold on the outside but is actually very warm inside). Cha Eunwoo is usually seen as a cold guy who doesn’t like to talk much. But actually, he’s loved for his caring tendency and always being there when someone need help. Even though Eunwoo is still young, his manner is always complimented as that of a real gentleman.

3. Kai (EXO): This male idol from EXO is loved by everyone. The professionals used to say that not just his voice or dancing skill, Kai’s caring, sweet and kind personality is what people are falling in love with.

The staff who used to work with Kai commented that: “Kai is indeed popular. Not just his dance, Kai’s personality is very good. That’s why we become his fans.”

4. Ong Seongwoo (WANNA ONE): Not just another pretty face, Ong Seongwoo is an idol who always treasures his fans’ feelings for him. He was always the last member to leave the stage whenever WANNA ONE has a concert or fanmeeting. Each time he saw a fan hold his slogan or nametag, however close or far, he will wave at them to say hi.

Ong Seongwoo is said to be one of the most well-mannered idols of K-Pop. Not just his members, he also cares for everyone around him, including his fans. Ong always tries to greet everyone, even the security guys.

In an interview with the famous director Kim Shin Young, he gave Ong Seongwoo countless compliments, saying “Ong Seongwoo is indeed a very kind man. He is someone who has received a good education from his family”.

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