The real personality of actress Kim Tae-ri shown through her daily activities and relationships with fellow actors

Is this why Kim Tae-ri gets called ‘Human Vitamin’? 

A short video of her can blow away the boredom of your lunch break on a drowsy day. The main character of the video is actress Kim Tae-ri, who recently gained huge love by starring in tvN’s drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”.

Kim Tae Ri-Twenty five twenty one

Kim Tae-ri is famous for her wide acting spectrum and solid acting skills that are shown through her character transformation in each of her works, such as movies “The Handmaiden”, “1987”, “Little Forest”, “Space Sweepers” and drama “Mr. Sunshine”. However, fans don’t have many chances to see her other than in her works and shooting behind-the-scene videos because she rarely appears on entertainment shows. 

kim tae ri

Kim Tae-ri recently released Vlogs as a gift for fans after filming “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”. Her Vlog series “So This is The Place?” attracted keen attention and it has surpassed 5.5 million views overall.

Kim Tae-ri’s Vlog content captures numerous charms of the actress as an ordinary person. Known as a top celebrity but Kim Tae-ri is actually really humble, nice, and smart. In addition to such videos, here are several charms of Kim Tae-ri that have recently made headlines.

# Your job? – “I’m jobless”

Through the official Youtube of her agency, Kim Tae-ri released her Vlogs containing videos of her daily life exploring the filming locations of her drama as a gift for fans. She filmed everything in the Vlog series “So This is the Place? DAY 1~4” by herself and showed her friendly and easy-going charms.

kim tae ri

Kim Tae-ri’s unique and lively image in the videos stimulated the viewers’ curiosity. Unlike the atmosphere that exudes from her appearance, she has a joyful and energetic personality.

Kim Tae-ri hid her identity by covering her face with a hat, glasses, and a mask. Thanks to her unique sociability, the actress was then seen having a pleasant conversation with the owner of her accommodation. 


In particular, when the accommodation’s owner asked “Can I ask what your job is?”, Kim Tae-ri drew laughter as she replied, “I’m jobless”.

kim tae ri

Kim Tae-ri also revealed her pajamas with cute patterns and showed off her technique of opening beer bottles with a spoon. Watching the last episode of “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”, Kim Tae-ri also showed her warm heart and affection for her work and character.

kim tae ri

# Nice people next to a nice person

Twenty Five Twenty One

Kim Tae-ri drew attention by referring to her precious relationships with “people who made it” in the last video of “So This is The Place?” series. The actress revealed that “So This is The Place?” was created with the help of many people, including the filming director and writer of “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”, the music director, producer and PD of “Alienoid”, “Little Forest” PD, actor Nam Joo-hyuk, her manager and public relations staff. 


Kim Tae-ri, who cherishes all people she met through work and maintains her relationship well, created a warm feeling. 

Through “So This is The Place?”, she expressed her gratitude, saying “I love all the staff I worked with. I want to put them all in my pocket and take them to go traveling with me. I was always tired so I couldn’t treat my staff better. I’m so sorry about that… but they all loved me a lot. I loved them much more than I loved Hee-do.”

kim tae ri

# Kim Tae-ri pushes actor Choi Hyun-wook back to his seat 

Kim Tae-ri won two awards, Best Actress in TV category and Popularity Awards, at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards on May 6th.


The moment when Kim Tae-ri grabbed the shoulders of Choi Hyun-wook, who stood up to congratulate her on winning the award, and pressed him down on his chair became a hot topic. The video recorded this moment attracted 5.4 million views on Youtube. In addition, Kim Tae-ri was also seen “forcing” Choi Hyun-wook to make a heart pose and laughing happily, just like her cheerful image as Na Hee-do in “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”.


Internet users who encountered Kim Tae-ri’s lovely moments with Choi Hyun-wook commented, “They are obviously Na Hee-do and Moon ji-woong”, “You were wearing a dress but why did you act like Na Hee-do in her comfortable sports clothes?”, “Her shy behavior is so cute”, “It’s so funny to see how Choi Hyun-wook looked at her from behind after being pushed back on his chair”, etc.

When winning the Popularity Award, Kim Tae-ri gave a pleasant speech, saying “‘Twenty-five, Twenty-one’ is so meaningful that I don’t know how to say it in words. I want to thank the work that made me a better person and the audience.”


Later, Kim Tae-ri was in great shock when her name was announced for the Best Actress. She took the stage and drew attention by delivering her honest thoughts, saying “I feel so grateful that the kid named Hee-do came to me and I was able to act this role. Honestly, I can’t say that I was so happy. I felt more thankful.”

# Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Sun-kyu, the loyalty of “Space Sweepers” team

In “So This is The Place?”, Kim Tae-ri was spotted visiting the house of actor Jin Sun-kyu, her fellow actors in the movie “Space Sweepers”. Jin Sun-kyu and Kim Tae-ri also talked about the whereabouts of Song Joong-ki.

kim tae ri

Jin Sun-kyu revealed that he happened to be in the same accommodation with Song Joong-ki during their own filming schedule, saying “I called him and said ‘Joong-ki ah, did you arrive? I miss you so much’ then we met each other that evening”. 

Kim Tae-ri then felt proud that she was better than Song Joong-ki because she came all the way to Jin Sun-kyu’s house in Yeoncheon to visit him. She even took a picture with Jin Sun-kyu’s family and added the caption “Song Joong-ki, are you watching?”.


In response, Song Joong-ki posted a photo on his Instagram along with the message “Everyone, please show many support for ‘So This is The Place?’. #Space Sweepers Forever”. In the released picture, Song Joong-ki is smiling while watching Kim Tae-ri’s Vlog. The close friendship of “Space Sweepers” team drew admiration from fans.

Kim Tae-ri has just revealed 4 videos, so they need to be treasured. “Day 1~4” seems to be just the beginning, so fans have raised high expectations for Kim Tae-ri to continue her Vlog series “‘So This is The Place?”.

Kim Tae Ri

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-ri will appear in the first part of Choi Dong-hoon’s movie “Alienoid”, which is scheduled to premiere in July.

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