Kim Tae-ri, who went on a trip alone, answered like this when the owner of the accommodation asked her “job + name”

Actress Kim Tae-ri jokingly chatted with the owner of the accommodation where she stayed during the trip.

On May 12th, a video titled “[#Kim Tae-ri] Is this there DAY 1” was uploaded on Management MMM’s official YouTube channel. This video is Kim Tae-ri’s first vlog.

On this day, Kim Tae-ri left for Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, where she filmed tvN’s drama “Mr. Sunshine”. Kim Tae-ri, who took a good rest in a hanok-style accommodation as soon as she arrived, woke up in the morning and looked around the accommodation while covering her face with a hat, glasses and a mask.


Kim Tae-ri then met the owner of the accommodation and had a casual conversation. When asked “Can I ask what kind of work you do?”, Kim Tae-ri replied, “I’m unemployed (Baek soo).”

When Kim Tae-ri asked “Aren’t you unemployed too?”, the owner showed a dad joke, “I’m Cheon (1000) soo over Baek (100) soo.” Kim Tae-ri laughed uncontrollably at the owner’s sudden gag. She slyly said, “I’m so envious of you. Being unemployed wasn’t a big deal.”


When the owner asked her name “How should I call you?”, Kim Tae-ri said the name of the main PD of the movie “Alien”, who helped her book the accommodation. Kim Tae-ri, who hid her real job and name, drew attention by continuing a comfortable conversation with the owner.

The reason why Kim Tae-ri started vlog is because of her fans. She once revealed that she tried vlog while contemplating what kind of gift to give to her fans.


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