The debut age of 4th gen female Kpop idols are getting shockingly younger and younger 

Despite their young age, these 4th gen female Kpop idols are already shining super brightly. 

The 4th generation of Kpop are constantly welcoming new faces, including young or even underaged female Kpop idols. However, their talents and beauty still manage to blossom, gaining them numerous fans. 

Many 4th gen Kpop idols debuted when they were still underaged. 

Below are some notable young faces: 

Born in 2004

Many talented and popular 4th gen Kpop idols were born in the year 2004, including Nmixx’s Sullyoon, Jinni and Bae; Weekly’s Jihan; Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih, Youngeun, and Hikaru; STAYC’s J and Yoon; and IVE’s Wonyoung, Liz, and Rei. All of these idols are either approaching or have just reached 18 years of age. 

Some notable 4th Gen Kpop idols who were born in 2004. 

Among them, IVE’s Wonyoung is one of the most notable with a huge following. The female idol debuted as the center of IZ*ONE at the age of 14, having ranked 1st in the survival show “Produce 48”. After IZ*ONE disbanded, Wonyoung started to take on MC, fashion, and commercial gigs, before re-debuting with IVE at the age of 18. Despite her young age, Wonyoung has got an impressive career, and her beauty and body figure are hailed by most netizens. 

jang wonyoung
Jang Wonyoung’s gorgeous visuals.

At the moment, the female idol is working as an MC, fashion model, and earning various commercial deals. 

Nmixx’s Sullyoon also stands out amid other 2004-born idols. Right from her debut, she has earned the nickname of “fairy Sullyoon” thanks to her classy, elegant, and innocent beauty that JYP Entertainment is famous for. 

Sullyoon’s beauty is a hot topic in Korea. 

Another remarkable name is none other than Huening Bahiyyih, who recently debuted with Kep1er. However, the female idol has faced a lot of criticisms from netizens, who said she’s lacking in both visuals and talents, and that her fame was only thanks to her older brother – Huening Kai of TXT. 

Huening Bahiyyih stumbled into a lot of controversies surrounding her appearance and abilities. 
She was even ignored at a fansign… 
..and said to be ostracized in her group. 

Born in 2005

Notable female Kpop idols born in 2005 include LE SSERAFIM’s Garam, Weekly’s Zoa, Nmixx’s Jiwoo, and Kep1er’s Yeseo. As of the moment, all of them are underaged at 17 or under. Garam’s debut was even met with netizens’ ire. 

4th gen Kpop idols born in 2005. 

In Garam’s case, netizens not only have problems with her age, but also with the controversies that surround her. The female idol was previously accused of being a school bully, who made vulgar jokes and gestures, dismissed school regulations, and committed violence to her schoolmates. She was also said to have mocked seniors like IVE’s Wonyoung, verbally harassed BTS’s V, and talked ill of her groupmate Sakura. 

Kim Ga-ram
Member Kim GaramLE SSERAFIM’s Garam was accused of school violence. 

Against all criticisms, Source Music and by extension HYBE Labels, still allowed Garam to debut, which led to a wave of opposition directed at LE SSERAFIM. Some fans of famous members like Sakura, Chaewon, and Yunjin, were also vehemently against Garam, to the point that there have been rumors that Garam will be kicked out of LE SSERAFIM as soon as the debut promotions are over. 

Garam is still under fire after her debut. 

Born in 2006

Eunchae and Kyujin – the youngest members of LE SSERAFIM, both debuted at 16 years old. So far, the two are being praised for outstanding visuals and great stage presence. 

Despite her young age, Eunchae is not overshadowed by other group members. 
Kyujin manages to own the stage in every performance and holds an important position in Nmixx. 

Born in 2007

Debut ages of Kpop idols are continuously getting younger and younger, and 2007 also provides us with talented artists like IVE’s Leeseo and CLASS:y’s Jimin, who only recently reached 15 years old. 

Out of the two, Leeseo has made a deep impression on the audience with her outstanding talent and professionalism while handling stage accidents. Meanwhile, Jimin is being widely-discussed on Korean forums thanks to her promising visuals that will only blossom in the future. 

The youngest member of IVE boasts a perfect physique. 
Jimin’s visuals hold strong potential in the future. 

Born in 2008

The 14-year-old CLASS:y member Boeun is gaining a lot of attention for her spectacular stage presence and talent that she has honed for years. 

Boeun is the prime example of a child prodigy. 

It seems that the newer the generations, the younger the age Kpop idols debut. However, despite their young age and inexperience, all of these idols still manage to receive plenty of love from fans. 

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