“Reborn Rich” Kim Shin Rok revealed the creepy thing she heard when she played the role of a shaman

Actress Kim Shin Rok recalled the time when she took on the role of a shaman in a drama.

On Jan 26th, a video titled “We searched the filmography of Soonyang family’s only daughter Jin Hwa Young, no, actress Kim Shin Rok” was posted on the fashion magazine ARENA HOMME+’s YouTube. Kim Shin Rok pointed out the works she appeared in.

Kim Shin-rok

Kim Shin Rok mentioned tvN’s drama “The Cursed”, which aired in 2020. In this drama, she played the role of Seok Hee, a shaman who is weak because she got evil spirits.

She said, “In fact, I was taught by shamans who are currently active. I heard it was a team that consulted the movie ‘Gokseong’.

Kim Shin-rok
Kim Shin-rok

She then surprised everyone by saying, “I heard that there are actors who were actually possessed while filming, so I was a little scared.

She caused laughter as she added, “But after taking the class, it was hard and I felt like I was going to die, so I didn’t have time to be possessed.

Kim Shin Rok also talked about JTBC’s drama “Reborn Rich“, which recently ended. When asked “What is the scene where the character Jin Hwa Young is best revealed?“, she replied, “The scene where she tells Do Jun not to be presumptuous, saying, ‘You guys are different from us.’ It seems to reveal that ‘she is a person with elitism to the bone’.

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Kim Shin Rok added, “She’s a person with great desire. She’s a very dynamic person because she always thinks she’s lacking and wants more.

Kim Shin Rok appeared as Jin Hwa Young, the only daughter of Soonyang Group Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) and CEO of Soonyang Department Store, in JTBC’s drama “Reborn Rich”, which ended last year.

Source: Wikitree

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