Netizens criticized the man who suddenly came up on the stage of Chung Ang Unversity Festival and hugged CL

A man suddenly appeared on a recent university festival stage where 2NE1 CL was performing and caused a stir.

Singer CL performed at the “2022 Fall LUCAUS: Born Again” Festival at Chung Ang University on September 29th. 

Appearing in a black mini one-piece dress, CL heated up the atmosphere by singing the song “Doctor Pepper”. During the performance, a man from the audience suddenly came up to the stage and hugged CL.

In response to the unexpected situation, CL hugged the man back and professionally continued the performance. However, the man did not go down the stage even after getting a hug from CL. He reportedly uncovered his mask to sing loudly and followed CL from behind.

In the end, the field staff was dispatched to the scene and took the man down the stage. 

Netizens who watched the video of that scene angrily commented, “What was he doing? Weren’t there any guards working? Shouldn’t they react immediately to anything that happened?”, “I’m mad. I hope he knew that he caused such a mess”, “The world is so chaotic these days. I think we need to be more careful”, “CL is so professional”, “This is absolutely a crime”, “So dangerous”, etc.

Earlier on September 22nd, singer Huh Gak was threatened by a male audience who suddenly stopped the singer from performing at Pohang University Festival.

As absurd situations have occurred so frequently on the stage of recent university festivals, netizens are raising voices that security should be strengthened. The act of breaking into public events and interfering with performances can be published for obstruction of business.

Source: wikitree

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