A man suddenly interfered with Huh Gak’s performance… He even took the mic and threatened the singer

Singer Huh Gak recently faced an unexpected situation while singing.

Huh Gak took the stage at Pohang University Festival on September 22nd and was performing the song “Please Don’t Forget Me”. About 40 seconds after he started singing, a man was suddenly seen approaching him slowly from behind the stage. 

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Standing next to Huh Gak, the man made the gesture as if he was about to hug Huh Gak and took the mic. While being dragged out of the stage by the field staff, the man shouted, “It’s noisy. I can’t sleep”. As he seemed to be a local resident, the staff did not pressure him anymore. 

After the situation was settled, Huh Gak came back on stage and wrapped up his prepared stage. He said, “I was surprised, but I want to apologize. You must have been taken back too. Anyway, this is the time for you guys.”

According to the audience at the scene that day, Huh Gak went on stage at around 9 pm (KST).

Park Wan-gyu, who was next in line, said, “I’m afraid someone was going to tell me something like ‘Hey, dude, you’re noisy'” as he was conscious of the intrusion of the audience.

Source: wikitree

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